Arriving Late to School

I understand that occasionally things may not go smoothly some mornings and children may arrive late to school. This doesn’t happen too often but for some of our students arriving late by five or ten minutes is a regular occurrence. Not being in class has a significant impact on the school day for these children. In the first ten minutes of a typical class these children miss out on an individual greeting and time to talk with the teacher or their friends, having time to set up their desk with the correct books and
equipment, unpacking bags carefully, hearing the morning messages on events and activities, missing instructions from teachers on expectation for the day, not completing start up activities and the start of the first lesson. For many it’s embarrassing arriving late as it is for us as adults to be late to a meeting, appointment or work. Our teachers do everything they can to make the  transition smooth for those who come late but we ask for your support to build strong routines at home and in getting to school to support your child in their education. If you have any concerns, please discuss these with your child’s teacher. Thanks for your help.