Learning Journey

As you know, each year the teachers open their classes in the evening to provide parents, carers and family members the opportunity to join with their children and view the work they have completed. In addition, children can take you on a tour of the school to view other learning areas they access. There will be limited time to talk with teachers about individual’s progress and maintain confidentiality. If you wish to set a time for a more formal meeting, this is a good time to do this. Please talk with your children about their work and have them take you to the ICT Hub, Library, Music Room and other places they may go for support programs. All our teachers will be on hand to talk about the work being covered by the children.


Date: Wednesday 20 September

Time: 5pm to 6.30pm


Mrs Melvin, Mrs Sparks and I look forward to seeing you and answering any questions you may have about our school or any concerns you may have.